Still from If I Sound Happy That’s Your Mistake, by Derrick Belcham and Melinda Sakamoto

Movies by Movers 2020 Online Schedule:

The fall 2020 iteration of the ADF's Movies by Movers film festival will feature all films available online from October 12th through October 18th at 11pm. 

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A Feast for the Senses: Films that Delight, Surprise, and Thrill (1):


Between the Lines, by Jen Guy Metcalf 

At Present, by Deirdre O’Toole 

Where the Spiders Live, by Holger Mohaupt 

Front to Back and Side to Side, by Lydia Hance 


The World Outside: Screendance in Nature:


Waltz of the Canoe, by Amanda Lewis

Dwell, by Kim Brooks Mata

Evergreen, by Holly Wilder

Wanting, by Robin Gee

Toporzeł, by Iwona Pasińska

Flickering Glades, by Claudio Marcotulli

House of Joy, by Robert Uehlin

Paysages Mixtes/Mixed Landscapes, by Katrina McPherson and Harold Rheaume

Thule – Beyond the borders of the Known World, by Ana Baer and Heike Salzer

A Feast for the Senses: Films that Delight, Surprise, and Thrill (2):


Bones, by Katherine Henly 7:33

Malfunction, by Shannon Mueller 3:31

The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time, by Vincent René-Lortie 5:00

Human, by Erin Brown Thomas 4:00


Featurettes (1): 


HOOL, by Isaac Zambra

Odyssey, by Robin Cantrell


Dancing Society: Films with a Socio-Political Bent:


Untamed Space, by André M. Zachery

Single Use Items & Disposable Movements, by Renee Murray

Being a Prosecutor, by Deni Tri Ardianto

The Wait Room, by Jo Kreiter and Austin Forbord

Umbrella Dance for Hong Kong, by Wong King Fai

Internal Medicine, by Mitchell Rose

Uprooted, by Rosely Conz and Stephany Slaughter

Idle Crimes and Heavy Work | Visitation, by Julie Johnson


A Feast for the Senses: Films that Delight, Surprise, and Thrill (3):


A Sight for Sore Eyes, by Kati Kallio 

Thrown, by John Bright Mann 

Revel in Your Body, by Katherine Helen Fisher

Unisono, by Vilma Tihilä 


Feature Film (1):


Foreign Puzzle, by Chithra Jeyaram


I Am Who I Am: Films Exploring That Which Makes Us, Us:


Looking Back, by Ara Fitzgerald and Peter Cunningham 

For These Times, by Hannah Roodman and Nessa Norich

Unapologetic me: BLACK|GAY|MAN, by Justin Dominic

The Road to Ose Tura ( A Prayer Ain't A Prayer Unless You Say it Out Loud), by Efeya Sampson

At the limit of Feelings, by Liudmila Komrakova 

Burden Halved, by Kitty McNamee

In This life, by Bat Sheva Guez

Golden, by Kate Mitchell

Ghazal, by Jana Younes

If I Sound Happy That’s Your Mistake, by Derrick Belcham and Melinda Sakamoto

A Feast for the Senses: Films that Delight, Surprise, and Thrill (4):


GO!, by Mia Jaatinen and Katariina Räty

The Microfiction Project: Chapter Two, by Kristin Yancy  

Janca, by Vincenzo Ricca 

TRIUNE, by Michael Robayo and Ashley Lindsey

Take Me There, by Chantal Cherry 


In the Studio: Films that Illuminate the Magic of the Body in an Empty Space:


His Eyes Saw Dance, by Donovan Johnson

Silken:Edge, by Lindsay Fisher Viatori

Soham – The Swan, by Usha Rajeswari

Little Shoes, Big Frame, by Holly Stone

set-go, by Liana Kleinman

Wander the Moors, by Nick Jones


Drawn: Animations that Move Us:


The Desire of Mermaids, by Hannah Hamalian

Cornered, by Peter Sparling

Canis Major, by Charli Brissey

Daydreaming, by Peter Litwinowicz 


Feature Film (2):


Revival, by Josefina Rotman Lyons


Featurettes (2): 


Gorilla, by Kyle Morck, Lauren Edson, and Andrew Stensaas

Kapsule, by Lawrence Fung

Drawing Down the Moon, by Megan Payne


Welcome to the World: Films Exploring Birth and Family:


Beyond this Moment, by Alonya Amato

Heavy These Days, by Megan Chu

The Last Children, by Fu Le

To My Daughter, by Julienne Doko

Re:Born, by Fleur Bax and Annemijn Rijk (contains nudity)

We Belong, by Takeshi Matsumoto

Reuven Does the Neighborhood, by Richard Daniels

Claim, by Keely Song

Family Portrait, by Jingqiu Guan

OMI, by Mira Ravald

Student Films:


104.9 degrees Fahrenheit, by Tori Nunn

Faroe, by Lupe Medina and Austin Landow

Unfurling, by Alexa Velez

In Light of Love, by Nathan Shanahan

Waiting for Color, by Kosta Karakashyan

Volume Up, by Sydney Samson 

Stages, by Angela Rosales Challis

Grasping, by Carey Barnett and Arlynn Zachary

Perspective, by Claire Namath

Ventilador, by LROD